School Badge

Incredible Metal School Badge Supplier (Jiushun Arts & Crafts)

 Schools have a high demand for metal badges. They can purchase them from Changde Jiushun Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. We are aware of the types and quality of badges they want. You can find custom badges for prefects, captains, houses of school, and sports teams here. We can manufacture top-notch badges in different colors for school competitions. It is time to make us your metal school badge manufacturer. We have shiny, gleaming, and durable badges for students in schools. We use enamel and brass to manufacture long-lasting badges for schools. There will always be high satisfaction when students wear them with honor. School shows and competitions need our badges for better rewards and recognition. 

We are Capable of Any Kind of Customization 

There are different types of house systems in schools, and we can manufacture custom badges for you. It will be an honor for us to offer customization for top-grade badges. It is about purchasing wholesale custom metal school badges from an expert. Jiushun Arts & Crafts is capable of providing custom production with many choices. You can choose custom colors, images, messages, letters, and logos. Also, we offer customization in sizes, shapes, and designs of metal school badges. We use brass as the base of badges with metal plating. This makes our badges really impressive with a unique appearance. 

Purchase in Bulk from Us to Avail Economical Rates

This is the place where you can purchase metal school badges at economical prices. Our production of school badges is cost-effective. Our prices are affordable for retailers as well as schools who directly purchase from us. Jiushun Arts & Crafts is a wholesale metal school badge supplier here. You will get a wholesale supply of metal school badges easily. We maintain our supply in large quantities for many buyers worldwide. The prices of our badges are very reasonable, which you can afford. This is not just about quality but also large quantities. 

Prime Reasons to Choose Us in the Wholesale Industry

Changde Jiushun Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a supplier that can benefit you in many ways:

  1. You will get high-quality badges in custom looks.
  2. You will get consistent quality and low prices.
  3. Our team is capable of providing continuous support throughout the process.

In the school badge industry, we are good at using high-tech machines. Likewise, we have CNC machines for custom and fast production of school badges.